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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Attraction Review: Gamla Open Air Museum in Linkoping Sweden

Gamla Open Air Museum in Linkoping Sweden is a historic gold mine.  As I understand it, as city of Linkoping began to expand, many of the old buildings in Linkoping's city center were scheduled for demolition.  Some of these buildings date to the 1700's.  In the mid 1950's efforts were made to relocate these historic buildings and a living museum, ghost town, or historic city was born.

There is no admission fee to walk around this historic town, but of course there are things you can buy and food to be eaten. 

There are many actors/employees who walk around in period dress and reinact scenes from the time of the town.  There are many activities for young and old alike.

I think I was either tired or just overwhelmed.  I think I shut down a bit and walked around in a fog.  This place is amazing.  I sorta want to go back and do and see more.  You could spend a great deal of time here and walk a very long way.  My husband walked to a neighboring historic farm/museum and I was too pooped so enjoyed his photos later.

There are shops, gardens, historic houses preserved with furnishings and belongings and always someone there to explain things (and yes, they speak English).  We went to one building where the history of rope making was displayed and an interactive demonstration of how rope is made was conducted.  Four year old "Little Girl" got to take her home-made sample of rope with her.

This place really is phenomenal.  If you want some local history, you'll find plenty of it here.

Enjoy some photos:

Friday, October 24, 2014

Review: Cloetta Candy Store in Gamla Linkoping Sweden

Photo courtesy of Steph's Favorites Blog
Somehow I missed getting my OWN photo of the outside and the inside of the store!  Something about the idea of candy makes me go all mushy in the head.

Located in Gamla Linkoping Sweden (Linkoping's Old Town, Open Air Museum), Cloetta is locally made candy.

A very large portion of what they had I would not categorize in the chocolate department, but more "confection"...sugary candy.  How's that for specificity.  Hey, I can't read the language!  Swedes also enjoy flavored licorice.

I tried chili flavored licorice (Lakrits), and Havssalt licorice (sea salt?).  I prefer regular licorice but this was certainly interesting to try.  I wanted to challenge myself just a little.

Polly, oh Polly, how I love you so!  I may have eaten my weight in these (which is saying something) and am sad that I don't have any more.

For Americans, the best way for me to describe them is like a Charleston Chew with a TINY hint of hooch, in a pop-in-your-mouth sized ball of goodness.  The "hooch" in them is Arrack which is a distilled liquor.

I'm in love.

For these items, my receipt says I paid 69 SEK, or $9.70 U.S.  They don't give this stuff away!  I saved the I can sniff them :-)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Restaurant Review: Dahlberg's Cafe in Linkoping Sweden

From Dahlberg's Cafe Website
Dahlberg's Cafe in Linkoping Sweden, is located in the historic Gamla Open Air Museum which I will write about in my next post.  They have a historic cafe/bakery, and even boast a bed and breakfast.

We visited Tuesday, August 12th and spent the better part of the day at Gamla.  We stopped for snacks (Fika) and lunch at Dahlberg's.

For 280 SEK, or $39.38 U.S., four adults and two children (ages 4 and 2) had some miscellaneous treats.  So, as with most things we found in Sweden....not inexpensive.

This was what I ate.  I don't remember the name of it, but it is an open faced shrimp and egg sandwich.  It was not super taste-filled but certainly looked and tasted fresh. 

What you see in the photo to the left is "princess cake". It is a traditional Swedish layer cake favored by the princesses.  You can read up on what's in it via the link.

Again, OK.  So many things are just different, and with time, I might grow to adore them.  Sometimes the best I can say is they are not good, or bad, but different.

Another in our party had an open-faced (open-faced sandwiches are quite common), cold Swedish meatball sandwich with a creamed beat salad spread.  I don't know what her little treat was, I forgot.  She enjoyed it.  I don't recall what others had.  Mostly just bits of this and that in the sweet-treat department.

The dining room of the cafe was packed, and the cafe in general, busy.  It's clearly a popular place.  With two little kids who needed to run around, we opted for eating outdoors with our trays under a tree.  We got rained on a little, but all in all, a lovely place to sit.

I loved this water dispenser.