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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Spiritual Reality Part 6 - Astral Body, Astral Travel

In part 6 of 8 of my review of the DVD Spiritual Reality, the next topic in the series is the Astral Body and Astral Travel.  The astral body is described as a "tool of the self to perceive other frequency realities", is "experienced unconsciously in dreams" and "can be experienced consciously in meditation". It is described as "beyond space and time" and "allows one to experience or perceive new dimensions".

In this segment, the narrator describes a physical sensation that may be experienced during meditation and connection to the astral body, wherein one may feel movement, a sense of weightlessness, or a lightness. One may also have sensations of not being able to perceive the density of one's own physical body for a short time.

The astral body is connected to the physical body by what is referred to as a "silver cord". This silver cord can best be likened to an umbilical cord, a kite string connecting kite to kite flier, or the life line that connects an astronaut to the space ship. The clip is really helpful in giving a visual representation in which to conceive of the silver cord.

Astral Travel is the movement of the astral body from within the physical body, by way of the silver cord, out into other dimensions or frequencies. The term "dreaming" is up to vast interpretation and can mean simple brain activity during sleep to actual perceptions of having been in different dimensions. It is "travel of our consciousness to known and unknown places and frequencies".

My own personal experiences with astral travel occur most often during sleep, and when conducting energy healing with self or others. In sleep, these "dreams" have a very different quality from my usual dreams. In typical dreaming, there is a nonsensical quality to the "story line". In my typical dreams, I may be walking along a road that becomes a bed, and I am talking to a person that becomes a chicken and so on...I may, upon waking be able to link some of the things experienced (if I remember anything at all), with something I recently saw, read, watched on TV or discussed with someone. It feels more like the brain is continuing to work on those same concepts.

In astral travel, for me, there is a totally different experience. The "dreams" are linear. They make perfect sense. But I am in places and with people I do not know. And, more often than not, I remember them in great detail. They aren't usually prophetic or profound, they are as though I was simply in a different place either witnessing someone else's life for a time, or witnessing myself in another dimension of reality.

If you have been watching the popular TV program "Fringe" (a new twist on the X-Files), they are looking at this idea of multiple dimensions (in an albeit very Sci-Fi way). The topic of multiple dimensions of space and time are also covered in the DVD's What the Bleep Do We Know? and The Elegant Universe.

At times I have had a hard time waking up to rejoin THIS dimension, when I astral travel. I'm groggier, sleep harder, and can feel more disconnected from my body upon awakening. I may feel a little "out of it" for the rest of the day. It sometimes feels as though a part of me remained somewhere else. This experience is not to be confused with a sleep disorder, or a dissociative disorder, the only way in which our Western culture seems to be able to categorize such experiences.

In the segment, it is said that during astral travel, one's astral body is able to move through all substances (much the way we currently perceive of a "ghost" being able to move), with no limitations. It is also claimed that one "should" experience astral travel in order to perceive that we are not simply mind and body but are more than that, and without limitations. I'm not fond of "shoulds". I think it could be sufficient for one to accept that this form of reality shifting exists or is at least an interesting concept to ponder.

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