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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dream: Late for School! I Can't Find My Underwear!

Ya know, I'm starting to think there might be something to this dream analysis stuff. Cuz, if you've noticed, of all of them we've explored so far, the themes really do fit the things I'm working on. It doesn't even take rocket-science to figure it out! Here is last night's installment:

I wake up late. It is May, and I will graduate in June with my Master's degree. My 8:00 class is really important [and something hard like physics or chemistry or something]. It is 7:40. No time for a shower which I really need because my hair is all bed-head. I am scrambling for clothes and find I can't find my bra and there is no clean underwear. So I'm scrambling through drawers and closets looking for the old things I never wear, even a swimming suit might do...I see lots of bright flower patterned ones but nothing really fits. I find a bra - it is lacy and dark brown, really pretty [I have nothing like this], still no undies. I find pants (black) and am wearing them and am looking for brown shoes, the black ones I have on will not do. But all of my shoes have been moved or lost. I wake up my sister...only she is African American and I'm white [what is WITH the racial implications of the last couple of dreams???].

My sister is still in bed - her classes don't start until later. Most of her stuff is packed in boxes because apparently she's moving when school gets out. She has moved a bunch of my stuff to different locations to suit her and isn't interested in helping me find anything, which makes me mad [and also, this particular sister, would not be this way]. It is now 8:30 and I'm in a panic - still not fully dressed, realizing it is too late to catch my first class and wondering if I should bag the day, do some laundry and be better prepared tomorrow.

I get a look at myself in the mirror. I'm me, and in the dream nothing is unusual, but from my waking perspective, in the dream I am taller, thinner, have lighter, shorter, curlier hair...a bit more like I looked at the age of around 25. I have on black shoes, black pants, a brown bra and am still trying to find underpants and brown shoes, but apparently not concerned that I don't have a shirt.
I woke up with a bad headache. I wrote down the dream right away and then went to the Dream Book to see how many of the things in the dream I could locate. It's uncannily right'll see:

Laundry (again) = cleaning up aspects of self - cleaning up your act.

Racial Themes? = Any ideas? Anybody? Am I a racist?

Late = missing opportunities, undisciplined, irresponsible, time is of the essence, be ready! [be ready for what? am I irresponsible? I AM undisciplined]

Sister = feminine part of self. Quality of self you project onto your sister or sister figure. Perception of relationship with actual sister or person sister represents. [yes..having issues with this]

College = an advanced course in learning and growth
School = life is school: you are here only to learn and grow. You are taught by all people and all situations. Be enthusiastic; you are going to go through it anyway. Lessons never change until you learn them, so might as well get in and work through them now. Each night you are out of the body and learn in schools on higher levels. Each level of consciousness is teaching you something about the nature of self. [it ALWAYS feels like more goes on in my sleep than happens in my waking world, AND there is a sense of information being downloaded often faster than my circuits can take]

Undress = to expose your true feelings, ideas, not hiding from self or others [so, since I was trying to get dressed, does this mean that these issues are in transition?]
Clothes = the role or games you play, attitudes you have. [which are shifting and changing]
Underwear = cover or protection of self. Part of self still hiding from true self. [since I never did find any underwear, I take it to mean I am currently rather unprotected and exposed and not liking it very much]
Shoe = Grounding. Things which protect you on your journey through life. Do not judge another until you have walked in his or her shoes. Wearing too many shoes, filling too many roles. [those have been falling away but I still feel the pull to conform to roles, and to be in the socially acceptable roles]
Pants = cover for the lower chakras - could be hiding your sexuality. [lots of female troubles over my life, surgeries, miscarriages, this area is shielded and protected]
No reference in book to brown bra...dirty boobs? :-)

Sleep = lack of awareness - unwillingness to see or change anything; stagnation. WAKE-UP! [since I woke up, but woke up late, wonder what that means in this context]

So I also reflect that I do not have a close relationship with any of my sisters and am, in fact estranged from one of them. I've been thinking a lot about that lately, trying to figure it out and decide what, if anything to do about it. Was just talking aloud to my husband about it last night.

In the dream, the sister who is still in bed is one who would block all psychic notions and fear them, so in essence could be considered "asleep"; is staying "in bed" and will go to "school" later and in fact, is "moving" somewhere else (spiritually)

WOW...this all SOOO fits. Am I boring you? I can never tell if I'm being Simon Cowell's self-indulgent performer, or if this in any way will help you explore yourselves. Tell me if I'm boring you...I can go back and review lipstick or something :-)

We're going to see "The Lovely Bones" today. I hope it doesn't give me nightmares. I've read the book but you never know what emphasis they are going to take in a movie adaptation. I'll review it for you...WITH spoilers :-)


  1. I sometimes have a recurring dream where I'm in high school, late to class, and for the life of me I can't remember the code on my locker lock. Of course, all the materials I need are in there. I usually wake up panicked.

    Here's a quick interpretation of maybe why your sister had dark skin in your dream: Are you worried about your sister's response to an ambition or ministry of yours? Something that is out of her realm?

  2. I've had that locker/combination dream many times too. Makes me wonder what we are trying to get to that feels locked away from us or just out of our grasp, yet we desperately want it.

    Good thoughts on the dark skin, because, yes, my family's religious beliefs do not match mine and they don't get or much like this psychic stuff of mine. I think it embarrasses them and they think I'm just plain misguided and wrong and trying on a pop-culture hat.