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Thursday, March 4, 2010

How to Give Yourself an Enema

Yes, after much debate, I'm totally gonna go there.  If you don't intend on doing a cleanse, won't do enemas, or are too squeamish for this topic, skip this post.  OK, you've been warned.  The reason for this post is that I've been blogging about my 14 day detox cleanse that includes coffee enemas.  I've already printed the directions for the cleanse and the supplies for the cleanse in previous posts and have been blogging on my daily progress.

If you're like me, you consider the rectum to be an EXIT, not an ENTRANCE.  And it took some SERIOUS thought and decision making to decide to partake of a cleanse that involved enemas.  They freak me out.  My butt freaks me rectum, even more!  I'm just not very mature when it comes to my bung.

That being said, and the decision made, I needed to learn how to give myself an enema.  And, well, who are you gonna ask about the fine art of such a thing?  I went on line.  That's part of the reason I'm writing this.  I accidentally ended up on some of the weirdest sites you can imagine, that only made my fear greater.  Ya know, there are people who do this sort of thing for sexual satisfaction and are only too happy to tell you about it.  OMG.  That's all I'm gonna say about that.  To each their own.  But I had to look at a LOT of stuff before I really got the idea, and then I bucked up and asked a friend of mine who I knew had done cleanses.  We approach it a little differently, but she at least was willing to answer my questions.  And I will answer yours.  I'm not a pro, and everyone will approach it a little differently, and everyone's body will respond differently, but if you ask a question, I'll answer it if I know how.

The gizmo in the photo is EXACTLY the set-up I have.  For $10-$15 you buy a hot water bottle (which will hold around 2 quarts when totally full), that says it includes douche and enema attachments.  So you'll get the hot water bottle with a cap for just using as a hot water bottle, and the tubing, and a douche tip (which in this photo is shown attached to the tubing), and an enema tip which is shown above lying next to that s shaped hook (which is used to hang the bag).  If you also notice in the photo above, there is a clampy thingy on the tubing.  This is your friend.  Become very familiar with how it works.  I scooted the clamp on mine much closer to the tip for ease of reaching.

First steps, assess the environment.  Lots of directions will say to lie on your bed.  Not gonna happen.  There will be leakage. Shit happens (I couldn't resist saying that). For the most part, however, the leakage will just be whatever liquid you are using and very little, if any, actual poo.  I only do it lying on my bathroom floor as near the toilet as I can.  So look around your bathroom, figure out where you can lie down, and figure out which towel rack or cupboard nob will be closest to your bum where the tubing will still reach.  You need to hang the bag so gravity will allow the liquid to enter.

I cannot stress this enough:  This can be sort of a gross job so cleanliness is really really important.  I've done this in houses where I had carpeting on the bathroom floor and in houses with linoleum (which I prefer).  During a cleanse, my bathroom is so clean you could eat off the floor.  Not that I would, but, well, I could.  I don't want to lie down on a floor with hair or pee dribbles on me?  So I start by figuring out where everything will go and where I will lie.

Here's what you'll need:

*Your enema bag/tubing/tip
*Your pre-brewed, body temp coffee
*Old blanket (for the floor and for cushioning for your body)
*Old large bath towels (preferably light colored old ones that could be bleached), At Least two.
*A large plastic garbage bag.
*A small portable heater is nice and place it where you know you can reach the will not be moving around much once you get going.
*A candle if you want, for focal point and relaxation
Some music to listen to, or if you're really brave, a book to're gonna lay on that floor a while.
*A TIMER or clock within eyesight of your spot on the floor.
*Some form of lubrication.  KY jelly or Astroglide works well.  You only need a small tube for the entire duration of the cleanse.
*Flushable wipes.  Place these right by the toilet.  And have plenty of TP
*A couple of Kleenxes or some TP on the floor near you.
*Clorox wipes would be handy.
*Until you get the hang of things and establish a routine, count on at least 2 hours in the bathroom.  It won't take this long, and it will become quicker and easier as the cleanse goes on, but DO NOT allow anyone to interrupt you.  Try to do it when nobody is home, or if you have more than one bathroom, lock yourself in and under no circumstances short of the house being on fire or a kid bleeding from a major are not to be bothered).


*Have the toilet lid OPEN, wipes and TP nearby

*Create the space to lay down on.  I usually lay the bathmat where my hips will go and over that I place the folded blanket long enough for my entire body to lie on, then under the hip area the garbage bag, and over that, the folded bath towel.  I roll up the other bath towel to use as a pillow  while I'm laying on the floor.

*Close any curtains, close/lock doors

*Attach the enema tip to the tubing and screw it down hard.  You do not want to have to explain how you lost that tip in your rectum to the ER staff!  Be sure the clamp is scooted near the tip and clamp it down hard.  You'll only forget to do this once.  Trust me.

*If you have not yet done so, fill the hot water bottle with body temp coffee.  Fill the bottle ALL the WAY to the top.  If you don't have quite that much coffee in the pot, add warm water until full.  If you are doing some other sort of enema, follow whatever instructions you are given for contents.  The bowel doesn't have many feeling receptors except right at the rectum, so be sure it is not too hot. Then screw the capped end of the tubing into the hot water bottle, making sure all connections and clamps are secure.  To release any air in the tubing, hold the tip over the sink and let the clamp open until you have free flow of liquid and then reclamp it TIGHT.  Then hang it on the chosen towel rack or cupboard knob you've chosen that will be higher than your bum.

*Try lying in the space you've created to see if it all seems good and the tip will reach from where you've hung it.  Be sure everything you will need is within reach.

*Place the timer near you on the floor, with a couple of kleenxes, check to be sure your heater if using one is within reach, and light your candle if using one and adjust the volume on your music (if all else fails, some Barry White or Teddy Pendergrass might woo you into the mood...or not).  Get a wash cloth by the sink and go over once more in your head that you have everything set up and ready.  Take a pee...Like all things, it's always good to take a pee before you get started on something that will take time and prevent you from going once you're all full of butt-latte.

*OK, we might be ready to begin.  Get naked.  That's right.  Totally naked.  It's is easier and less messy.  Put some KY on your bum and on the enema tip.  Lie down on your LEFT side where you will be for the duration.  Bring your knees up to about a 45 degree angle, or whatever ends up working best for you.  Grasp the tubing just behind the tip and GENTLY and SLOWLY insert it into the rectum until you have it all the way in (2-3 inches) and are still holding FIRMLY to the outer ridged ring. If this is freaky to you and you clamp up a bit, GENTLY push slightly outward (like you are trying to poo or fart). This will facilitate getting the tip inserted. It will get easier. Trust me.

*Next, with great care and control, grasp the clamp and hold it tightly so you have control over it and release it a click or two (it has notches in it)...see how that feels.  At your own pace, experiment with how open you want the clamp to be.  If you release it too fast you will cramp up right away, and if you release it too slow you will be there until Christmas.  So adjust it to your comfort.  Sometimes while the bag is emptying, you will cramp (like you need to poop).  When this happens, I simply clamp the clamp and wait a second or two for the feeling to pass, and then resume.  Also important to note, when you have a cramp while emptying the bag, be sure you are holding tightly to the tubing and tip.  The cramp can actually draw the tip deeper into the rectum, and again...we don't want any pieces missing when we're all done.   Keep at it until the bag totally flattens itself out.  Then...very important...CLAMP the CLAMP before removing it from your bum.  At this point, depending on the arrangement of your bathroom, you can put the tube into the tub or sink if it reaches, and eventually you will learn how much movement you can tolerate but you could put the whole bag and tubing into the tub or sink to deal with when you are all done.  Or just leave it hang where it is. It could take anywhere from 5 min to much longer to empty the bag depending on your comfort and tolerance for the flow. The first few times it will take longer simply because you will be nervous and extra careful.

*Now set the timer.  Many directions say 15 minutes.  I go for 30.  There is really little difference in sensation once you get used to it.  The first time I did it, I misread the signs and ran for the pot with the first cramp.  What I learned is, you will have strong urges to poop and cramping (like you have a virus or something), but IF YOU BREATHE, PINCH, SUCK IT UP, and I SWEAR to you, the feeling will pass in less than 5 seconds and then you feel in control again.  This may happen 4 or more times in a 30 min period but you just ride the wave and it will subside VERY quickly.  Relax as much as possible.  Sometimes when I have a cramp I visualize the fluid going even higher into my system rather than it trying to shoot OUT.  And don't be surprised if there is happens...the urges are strong and the fluid is, well...fluid.  That's why you took those precautions with towels and plastic etc.  If you're a woman whose given birth, utilize childbirth breathing and think of the cramps like contractions.  They DO NOT hurt, it just feels like it takes all of your strength to hold it in when it hits.

*Once the time is up, do not, I repeat DO NOT ever attempt to move or get to the potty while you are having the urge or you will blow it everywhere. Wait until that strong urge passes, and THEN get up and go to the potty. You can use the Kleenx or TP that you have laying beside you to blot or wipe up before getting up so as not to drip or leave a trail.  As you get up, flip on the bathroom fan if you've got one.

*A word or two about evacuating the bowels.  Everyone's body is different, but for me there is an immediate flood and then it stops.  You might think you're done.  You're not.  Twist from side to side, perhaps sit tall, or perhaps massage your tummy from just below the ribs back and forth from side to side to the pelvis.  For me, I have 3-4 more surges of evacuation before I'm done.  NO point getting all cleaned up only to find out you are not done. This could take 5-10 minutes depending on your body.

*From here it is a matter of cleaning up.  You may want to bathe or shower.  Use TP to clean up the most of it, then follow up with flushable wipes, and then either use a hot wash cloth or bathe.

*CLEAN THE BATHROOM .  For God's sake, look around, lift the toilet will have splattered everywhere under the rim.  Clean it up first with some TP and then a flushable wipe or Clorox wipe.  Have some courtesy for the next one to use the bathroom.  Gather up all of the stuff you brought in and wash anything that needs washing.

*Clean the supplies.  With warm soap and water, rinse the hot water bottle, tubing and tip and hang them to drain (maybe over the shower head).

If you are doing a longer cleanse (longer than a one-time enema), you may wish to keep all of your supplies in the same location so it is quicker and easier for tomorrow.

I'm going to ask a friend of mine to review this to see if I've forgotten anything.  If you have tips that have aided you, be sure to post them here.  That's how we learn.  If you have questions, feel free to ask.

And I just couldn't resist this. This is a YouTube music clip from an old Eddie Murphy comedy recording from the early 80's...perhaps not too well known. It's called Boogie in Your Butt. Maybe a little levity will help you overcome your fear or enemas (oh, wait, that's just YOU Willow!). Enjoy...if you can't laugh about it...well, it just makes it harder.


  1. I completely agree with what you have written and only have a suggestion or two to add. More about your mindset because the mechanics are right on the money. Maybe instead of music, books, etc it might be good to just let your mind "think" and see what is cleansed from your mind as you cleanse your arse. Amazing what we let go of when we put it in terms of washing it from our bodies. Thoughts are almost as toxic as the crap.
    My other thought would be, as you take your time releasing the waste, grasp your left shoulder with your right hand and put your left had across your belly to your right side - kind of like hugging yourself, but massage your self slowly and see if that helps you release more. Then reverse it. I remember a wise friend of mine telling me that there is a belief that your right side represents your father, your left, mother- and if you have issues in either of those areas you will hold tension due to frustration....or something along those lines - so in cleansing your colon you also can cleanse your mind and spirit by releasing anger, hurt, anxious thoughts - etc. This is very inspiring and reminds me I haven't done this for quite some time. I find a hot shower afterward is wonderful, and also helps that last push of anything left - bend over in the shower and let the water hit your tailbone- now tell me THAT doesn't feel relaxing!! If there is residual it may be inspired to move on out.

  2. Thank you SO much! Really good stuff! I end up spending a lot of the time sort of wishing I wasn't there...dreading it, fidgeting, feeling and focusing on the discomfort in my body. Thank you for the reminder that the psychic, emotional and spiritual cleansing that goes hand in hand is perhaps even more important. I will work more on that focus starting today.

  3. Also, I the Buddhist tradition, it is thought that the left side of the body or even more specifically via the left hand, is where energy is received and the right is where energy is given or sent.

  4. I guess it might also be important to note here or somewhere that people often report passing parasites during cleanses. Which is a good thing. I do not look in the potty. I'm scared. If I saw any parasites I would freak out, ram a stick of dynamite up my bum and blow myself to smitherines to kill them all. That would creep me out beyond creepiosity! So, I flush, and flush quick glad to be rid of whatever wants to leave. We often have intestinal parasites. They cling to veggies and in meats and often cannot be seen. Most of the time they are not the monster tapeworms we hear about in health class, but tiny beings that for the most part would never be noticed, but that over time, can reproduce and start draining us of nutrients. There are specific parasitic cleanses and I'm not sure how they differ in ingredient or process from the one I've outlined in my blog. If you know, let the rest of our inquiring minds know. Wow...just had a give a whole knew meaning to having a bug up your ass.

  5. Very good blog article. Enemas can be abused, but they can be a good thing too. I agree with the time assessment - one does need a lot of time so the enema will be gentle, relaxed and effective. And, to allow for cleanup.

    My preference is to use the bathtub. I pre-warm it with hot water, then let that water drain out, so that it is not cold. Old towels can be used in the tub just as on the floor.

    I take enemas for health and relaxation. When I can, I have one weekly. Nothing relieves stress like an enema once you get accustomed to it. After an enema, I feel relaxed, alert and alive.


  6. Good info John. I have heard of using the tub but A). I don't have one, and B). the one I used to have was SOOOOO short that I would have had to wad myself into a ball to use it, and pre-warming it with water sort of seemed like a waste of water (since I would need to wash up afterward and have always had very small water heaters ,much to my sadness). But it is good for people to learn options to choose from that will fit with their style/space etc.

    For me, once a week would be way too often. I would have concern about washing away too much of the intestinal flora/fauna...that and...well...I hate doing them. I agree, one can feel relaxed afterward, but I know lots of ways to relax that don't involve me filling my bum with fluids.

    I reserve the practice for the occasional (once per year or every other year) cleanse. I'm glad what you're doing works well for you though. Thanks for reading!

  7. Lol...your cute. I couldn't help but laugh at the paranoia of someone walking in on you or knowing what's goin down... Just wanted to tell you the importance of using distilled water and organic coffee when doing this. Otherwise it defeats the whole purpose of trying to detox or cleanse (bacteria in the water/pesticides on the coffee). Another comment for those thinking about trying this as a weekly maintenance routine- I do it all the time. As you get better-30 to 45 mins from start to finish will be the time frame. Happy elimination to you.......

  8. Thanks Natalie. Good points. I do recall that the instructions I got from the Health Food Store state ORGANIC coffee (with Caffeine) and purified water. I just used filtered water or bottled drinking water, but Distilled water is a very good point.

    I don't agree that it will defeat the entire purpose of the cleanse if you don't, because the toxins are in everything, and the purpose is to shed you would still be shedding toxins through the process, but yeah, why put more in for your body to have to work with?

    And the time frame will depend on how long you choose to retain the coffee and your own personal comfort levels. I got much faster with it, but it was still a long process.

    Thanks so much for reading and responding.

  9. Thank for posting! Made me trying one next week so thanks for the frank account!

  10. Let me know how it goes :-) Yeah, it's FRANK...cuz when you want to know about something so hush-hush, you need the facts. I had a hard time finding them, so decided to write some of my own after much "hit and miss"...pardon all those puns.

  11. just a small thing i'd like to say when boiling the coffee, you know the first step to the whole thing it doesn't matter what water or organic coffee you use because when boiling anything your killing any living organisms in it and as for the coffee you just need 100% pure coffee which you can get at pretty much any grocery store your just trying to stay away from flavored coffee and artificial coffee so to recap tap water would be fine because clorine evaporates when boiled and organisms are killed which turns the water into makeshift distilled water now the full blown distilled method is to take the steam and drip it into another container but the plain less distilled boiling method was used long before that and for the coffee look for 100% coffee.

  12. It does matter that you use organic coffee. Boiling it does not remove pesticides used in the growing. Yes it will kill organisms, but not pesticides. The water matters also, because many methods of making coffee do not actually heat to a boil or sustain it long enough. It's not vital, but for me, since I'm going to all the trouble to start with, may as well do it as carefully as possible. And organic coffee is 100% coffee...without pesticides.

  13. Thanks for this info. I have to do one in 2 days due to a medical procedure and I was dredding it. I feel a little more comfortable with the proccess now that I've read this so hopefully my first go at it won't be that bad ^-^


  14. most of the time for medical procedures they have to drink a laxative (like Golitely or something), and follow up with a disposable over the counter Fleet enema. The big douche bag lax might be overkill for your procedure and your first go. Did they give you specific instructions for your bowel prep before the procedure? If they don't require the one outlined above, the Fleet disposable is a LOT easier...same basic thing...lie on your side with knees up, insert the disposable nozzel and gently squeeze all of the laxative liquid...retain it as long as you can, and then evacuate the bowel.

  15. Thank you very much for this article, Willow, it was incredibly helpful! I have been thinking about doing an enema for awhile but unfortunately the only enema kits I could find in my town where the little handheld bottle ones (do you know what I am talking about they hold like a few ounces of water and are in a little squeezy bottle?) They finally started carrying the exact same one you are using for $4.98 in Wal-Mart, so let everyone know to check Wal-Mart before spending $10-$15, honestly a little too expensive for me (I am in no one well on money.)
    I like the honesty of your article. I scanned a few others and they felt like a robot was telling me to put a pipe up my butt and fill it with water! (Haha, sorry for the visual.) Yours made me feel comfortable and more able. I'm not especially squeamish about my bum just uncertain lol and a bit embarrassed about being so uncertain so your light-hearted take on it was nice! :-) Thank you very much!

  16. You're very welcome. :-)

  17. Willow,
    Can I just ask a question?
    Whenever I was considering having an enema, my brain always thinks that I should perform the enema after a good bowel movement/poo. What are your thoughts? Should I do it when I can or wait till after a good poo?

    I know this seems silly, but I just wanted to ask someone who has had an enema before.

    Would be grateful to know your thoughts on this, thank you!!

  18. I'm no expert, for sure, but logically, I would tend to agree with you. When I do a cleanse, the instructions include taking Colon Cleanse for 2-3 days prior to the commencing of enemas. See, it would only make sense that if you have very solid poop in your bowel, it might impeded how much liquid you can get inside with the a clogged pipe. Then again, if you're clogged, it could help you move it out. I would use your best judgement and follow your instinct about your own body. Maybe if you are a bit backed up, you do a preliminary enema...and once the "decks are clear", try again either that day or the next. But yeah, seems like doing the cleansing enema after a good poo would make sense to me too.

  19. what about sonne's #7??
    is olive oil a good thing to take ever day?

  20. I'm not sure I understand the question. Are you talking about the use of Sonne's 7 or Olive oil in an enema daily?

    I don't think long term use of enemas on a daily basis is a good idea. It will disrupt the body's own ability to eliminate waste naturally as it was designed to do, and may also irritate the intestinal lining AND disrupt the intestinal bacteria that we need. Enemas are typically used for a short duration.

    If you're talking about the use of olive oil and Sonne 7 for ORAL ingestion, Olive oil is a healthy oil and in small doses of a T or two a day is quite healthy. Sonne 7 is one of those things I only take during a cleanse or a couple of times a year for no more than a bottle or so a year. I'm not sure on the recommended guidelines that the makers of Sonnie's suggest, but the suspended clay absorbs toxins from the system AND it also absorbs nutrients from the system. It can't discriminate and only take out the bad stuff. So during a cleanse, you're also losing some nutrients which is ok in the short term to achieve the cleanse, but not so good long term.

    Does that make sense? If not, explain your question to me a bit more.

  21. What about doing enemas daily if you are on the Gonzalez/Gerson protocol for cancer?

  22. I know nothing about that. And certainly, what I've provided here is a lay-person's instructions based on collective information. I would check with an expert in the Gonzalez/Gerson protocol. Certainly daily enemas for a prolonged period will rinse away natural bacteria and some nutrients from the bowel and could cause irritation, and make it difficult (not impossible) to re-establish natural elimination once you stop enemas, but in the big're working on a more important issue and those things I mentioned can be treated. Best of luck and many blessings to you!!

  23. Hi Willow, thanks for your post, it was both amusing and comforting :) One thing I'd add is that hot water bottles are great, one on the stomach and one on the lower back - really helps with cramping, and with staying warm in the cold bathtub (we don't have a portable heater, and the overhead heat lamps are a bit much to sit under for half an hour). Thanks again. Cat

  24. I was wondering if adding sugar and creamer to the coffee would be ok? Perhaps I could ram a danish up my ass too?

    1. Do not wonder, just do it! Perhaps :D<

  25. I think that sounds like a most excellent plan for your "butt-latte".

    1. You have done very well to explain so much, Willow..... Happy pooping all! many thanks and best wishes.....

  26. Your info was very helpful in so many ways. Thank you so much.

  27. Hi willow. I am so plugged up that drinking my usual "smooth move" tea with double bags isn't doing anything. I had surgery for carpal tunnel and the pain meds did it for me. I am so desperate that I want to drink a quart of warm water with the salt in it as used to start the lemonade diet. But it is so gross and hard to swallow . Do u have any emergency advice?

  28. "Friend to Friend" because I am in no way qualified to give medical advice, I would see where I could get with over the counter Fleet enemas (if you're in the U.S. and know what those are). When pain meds plug you, you typically will have a giant poo in the lower part of your tract that needs to come out that is literally acting like a large, uncomfortable, hard plug...and it's just gonna be a challenge to move that out. If you focus on softening the stool too much from the digestive end (what you take in), you will still have a "plug" at the other end, followed by diarrhea once the plug moves and that will be miserable too. Some people have had to go to the ER to get professional help with an enema to effectively move it out.

    So I guess that's what I would do (having been there myself...and with family members). Drink plenty of water (don't overdo), increase your fiber (again, don't stuff it), and work with fleet enemas or Ducolax suppositories to encourage that blockage out. I'm guessing it's in the lower part of your tract. Once you get the plug out, do your smooth move tea, or even small doses of MiraLax just to regulate it back to normal. Your bowels need plenty of fiber and water...maybe some cellulose fiber (Citricel, or Metamucil).

    But, like I said, I would work on getting the clog out with means working on the "business end", and as gently as you can...knowing, no matter what, it won't be pleasant. Probably bowel care before and right after surgery should be more start taking stuff before surgery, and right after whenever you know you'll be on pain meds. Pain meds and surgery are SOOOO hard on the intestinal tract and bowel function, and so darn miserable.

    Work with the clog on the "business end", and gently follow that with light laxative means, water and fiber. That's my unprofessional advice. If it goes on too long, go to the doctor.

    Another tip...if when you "go", it slightly tears the anus (because it will be bigger and harder than usual), warm baths with epsom salts are soothing, or a warm compress of witch hazel on a cloth held to the area is oh-so-soothing. Also maybe a slight coating of an oily salve to keep the split from scabbing and getting retorn every time you poo until it heals.

    May it all release easily, and may you heal quickly. Best of luck.

  29. i have enjoyed giveing my sef enimas for a few years now and your aticalas well as the light hearted way you wright is a wonder and relief to me thank you a thousand times over.

  30. A reader emailed me with the following comments. She wasn't able to post in the comments section. I wish I knew the magic of why some people can and others can't. I know sometimes I can't post online to discussion groups either and it's frustrating. Thank you for taking the time to email me with your comments. Here they are:

    Thanks for this down-to-earth and reassuring post. I have two things to add:

    - I opened a capsule of a high quality probiotic into the water before filling the bag (Biokult, in this case), as recommended by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, author of the GAPS diet.

    - I used virgin coconut oil rather than KY jelly or other lubricant because coconut oil is paraben free and contains natural antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral properties. Plus it's very soothing.

    The probiotic is fine since it's added to filtered water that has been boiled and then allowed to cool to room temp or slightly warm. Dr Campbell-McBride talks about this in her book, Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS diet), and she recommends using a therapeutic strength probiotic powder or the contents of a capsule (or part of the contents if you are unaccustomed to consuming anything probiotic). The one I used is shelf stable and does not need refrigeration, but I don't see why you couldn't use either. Incidentally, she says probiotics sometimes contain maltodextrin or FOS and these are acceptable but they may cause gas, so probiotcs without additives are best. She also writes that you may also add a little homemade yogurt to an enema. In any of these options, some of the billions of beneficial probiotics species will remain, even if most get washed back out. You may want to try it without coffee, just filtered/boiled water and a probiotic.

  31. Hi! I have a question. Once all the liquid is in its new home, is it ok to straighten the legs? It seems like that position might help you to hold it in better. Thank you for this post!

  32. Everything I've ever read says on side, knees up. There is no real WRONG way, if you can retain the fluid with legs straight, try it and see if it works...(but have some "clean up on isle 12" materials handy...always). I kinda find, if I move much at all once I have the liquid in...I'm in trouble.

  33. also if you retain the water inside it saves you from the risk of developing an enema habit!

  34. Loved all the tips on your blog. Thank you

  35. You're welcome! Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. I love knowing somebody reads this thing! :-)