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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Last Airbender: Movie Review

My husband and I saw The Last Airbender on the 4th of July, and then, oddly, just as with Eclipse, I saw it again on the 8th with my friend's 15 year old son.

The basic premise is, like many other movies, there is a quest and a battle between good and evil...or natural gifts for unification against the misuse, hoarding and acquisition of power.

There are four primary tribes or nations in this futuristic, nomadic world:  Earth, Water, Air and Fire, and within these, there are those special, gifted ones that are born with the power to manipulate their element.  And there is also one rare being who has the ability to "bend" all four elements.  This being is known as the Avitar.  Born with the ability to bend one element, they also have the ability to learn or be instructed in how to bend the others.

So there are wars between nations and struggles for power and to stomp out those with special power and own all the power (sound familiar?).  So the quest is for the Avitar to escape being imprisoned and destroyed by the fire nation and to empower all those who have been oppressed to reclaim their powers of bending and rise up against oppression, AND for the Avitar to find teachers of the other three elements.

I have not read any of the books (or are they an actual book series?) nor had I seen or even heard that there was a cartoon based on the books.  So all I can base my opinion on is the movie.

I must say, I enjoyed this film more than Eclipse.  Story line was more complex and special effects were pretty darn good.  The acting of the young main characters were not so hot...rather monotone, read-the-script (except for the fire prince...he was pretty mean).  It was visually very appealing and it kept my attention throughout.  I also sort of dug the kid's tattoos, and the costuming.  I swear I've lived in a life somewhere, sometime, that was similar to this.  Something about it felt all too familiar.

There are four books in the series, but it appears that the movies will be limited to a trilogy.  Check it out and tell me what you think!  And if you've seen Airbender AND Eclipse, which one did you like better and why (and what is your age in case that makes the difference).  My friend called and asked me out on a McDonald's and movie date and wanted to go see Eclipse.  I talked him into Airbender because I told him I bet he would like it better.  I don't really think young boys will groove that much to Eclipse.  But he's going to let me know because he will view Eclipse soon as well.

And...I'm starting to get a little curious about the books in this series...hmmmm...any of you read them?

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