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Friday, July 23, 2010

Movie Review: Inception

Inception is quite the intricate movie.  I was confused most of the time.  The special effects are phenomenal...very Matrix-like.

If I'm not totally wrong, this is the basic premise as I understood it:

There are a select few people in the world who have secret, special training in entering people's dreams (sort of like astral travel), and extracting proprietary information or secrets to use in big money/big business ventures.  They steal intellectual property directly from people's brains.  Now, this special team has been assembled for a task, that nobody believes is possible;  to go into the dream of someone to PLANT, rather than EXTRACT, a thought.  They wish to implant a thought that will change a multi-billion dollar monopoly.  And they must "travel" through several dream layers/depths.   It is dangerous work.  They might not come back from it.  They could get lost forever in a dream level.  I was left wondering at the end...did Leonardo make it back from the dream place or not?

Well-acted, but a bit confusing for those of us with simple minds.  I did, however, relate to the aspects of it that are similar to the astral travel that I experience.  The concepts are not that far-fetched for me to conceive of.  It is worth seeing for the special effects alone...even if you get lost in it somewhere.  Here's a clip:

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