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Friday, December 17, 2010

Dream Interpretation: Knocking on the Door

I had not been asleep very long when I awoke with a start, to a loud pounding on the front door.  Not a knock so much as a quick, pounding with the outside of a fist.  My heart was pounding too.

I waited.  Nothing.  I looked over at my husband.  He was sound asleep.  Had it really happened, he would have heard it and been up in a flash.  So I dreamed it.  But it was only that...just a loud, insistent knocking/pounding.  After my heart rate returned to normal, I made a mental note to look that one up, and then went back to sleep.

According to The Dream Book by Betty Bethards:

Knock = Pay attention to what you are doing; opportunity knocks.

Or in this case, pounds.  I'm not a very good listener apparently.  So between the dream from yesterday about a snake, and this one about knocking, the only clear idea I have is that I need to be aware, and pay attention and be open, and listen and see what comes.

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