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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Product Review: Ahh Bra

I bought an like the pajama it was a natural next step to try the Ahh Bra, right?

I hate bras...I really really hate them.  I don't care who fits me into them or how much I spend, there are not any I can truly say are comfortable.  I'm super sensitive.  If I could get away without wearing clothing at all, I probably would.

This bra makes lots of claims.  I'm surprised they don't have it offer to cook and clean for you. My mom said the topic of the Ahh Bra came up in her T.O.P.S. club one day.  Let's just say that larger women are reporting that it is NOT a good option.  Others report that it gives zero nipple coverage.

It is made from a firm but thin stretch material, without wires or molded cups.  I bought one in beige.  You figure your size by your shirt size.  I say, go up one more from that.  If you are quite overweight or very busty, don't bother.  They lie about what it will hold.  If you're not used to pulling on an athletic bra, it might be a challenge for you to get on since it is a pull-over style with no fasteners.  That is pretty easy for me because I'm more comfortable in athletic bras.

All in all, I will say it is fairly comfortable.  It claims not to roll up.  Notice in the photo above how far down the lower band sits.  After I move a few times it rolls right up underneath my boobs.  So it didn't exactly eliminate my constant pulling down that I do with all other bras.  If it stayed put in that area, I would be much happier.  It is not going to give you nipple coverage on a cold day.  It just won't.  It will not really give you amazing lift and shape.  It is pretty much a smasher.

I tend to wear fairly loose clothing so for most uses, this bra will work just fine.  If I wear something v-necked, or with a tighter fit where more coverage is required, I can use a different bra.

I think it is a good option for a small busted woman who is more interested in comfort than style (me).  I bought one at Wal-Mart for $20.  If you buy online, they want to sell you a pkg of three for $60 plus shipping and handling.  I don't want three...I'm not yet sure I want one. After wearing it a few times and washing it once, I notice I'm avoiding it just like all my other bras, simply because of the roll up of the band they claim will not roll up.  If it stayed put (maybe with some Bikini Bite?), it would be a very comfy bra.   I used to use Bikini Bite when I was a bodybuilder.  Basically it is a non-irritating adhesive that you roll-on to your skin to keep your suit in place so you don't have any embarrassing ride up or boob exposure during pose-downs on stage.  Ahhhh, I think it's just easier to avoid the Ahhh Bra and it's identical counterpart the Genie Bra.

Have you tried one?  What has been your experience?


  1. Thank you for reviewing this, because I have thought of one for Autumn (she only wears athletic bras, because a clasp would bother her with her sensory issues). She is larger busted and the rolling up would drive her nuts (again sensory issues). So glad I did not waste that money. Thanks.

  2. JK, I must have sensory issues too. Bras in general make me so uncomfortable I could throw them in the middle of the street.

    You COULD try ONE and see. At Wal-Mart they are like $20 instead of the online stores which make you buy three of them. I think it was worth the experiment. Go as large as you can if you buy one...whatever the largest size is. Her body build may be different enough that it won't roll on her...I don't know...or read some more online reviews. She won't get much nipple coverage but if she generally wears loose fitting clothing, that may never matter.