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Friday, April 6, 2012

Donations Gratefully Accepted. Donate to Me.

Crazy right?  Donate to me?  Donate to "Willow's Retirement and Travel Fund"?

Maybe, maybe not.  Recently, I've been reading the Julie and Julia book, which I will review soon (and I already reviewed the movie).  I JUST read how one of Julie's friends showed her how to add a "Donate" button to her blog to receive supportive donations via PayPal.  And people were crazy enough, to do just that.

See Julie was finding it super expensive to keep cooking the expensive dishes on her blog...and people started sending her little gifts of support, products, and even money to her PayPal Account.  So I thought...well Hell's Bells!  If she can do it I can do it.  I'm not doing anything expensive with my blog, but not working in the outside world has its financial limitations.

I'm not cooking expensive French cuisine while you await the results with baited breath.  Maybe I'm not even entertaining you at all.  But it IS my goal to eventually get some sponsors or some interest to keep this blog afloat and fund my slush fund for more Thelma and Louise Most Excellent Adventures....and to give us a little extra household cash while I try my hand at self employment as a blogger.  Why not take advantage of every potential opportunity?  Why not learn just how the heck one actually creates the HTML code to have a Donate button appear?  It's all good, right?

So, you'll now notice that there is a Donate button that allows you to donate to the "Willow's Retirement and Travel Fund".  If you don't put it out into the Universe, there's NO chance right?  Are your "donations" tax deductible?  OF COURSE NOT.  I'm not a registered non-profit.  I could easily argue that there has been no profit, but that's a different story altogether.

It's just a way of saying "Gosh Darn it Willow, you entertain my socks off, and I wanna throw you a bone to keep you encouraged, and well-nourished enough to be able to crawl to your computer day after day!"

Also, let me remind you that I would love to receive new products to try and review, and eventually, I want some fancy-pants travel agency to fund Thelma and Louse adventures in exchange for my stunning exposes.  In my profile information, you'll find my mailing address.  Just no severed body parts, please.

Another reminder...please, if you enjoy my posts, please click that share button, and share the links on facebook and twitter and via your personal email.  If you have connections in the publishing, travel, or advertising field that you think might want to sponsor my blog or send me on some great trip to review, don't let me discourage you from making those contacts on my behalf.  Oh-no-sir-eee-Bob.  Just do it.

Fund Thelma and Louse going to the Ellen Show.  Fund our shoestring travel shenanigans.  Show me some love!  It is my goal to grow this blog and gain a wider audience.  I love your suggestions of topics and I really love receiving comments and feedback.  It means a lot.

Do you wanna take bets? Will anyone donate? Do you want to predict how long it will take from this posting before someone makes a "donation"?  Do you want to predict how much the first donation will be?

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