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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Book Review: Rage of Aquarius by Colleen MacLeod

Rage of Aquarius (2009) by Colleen MacLeod is a Cate Conway Novel in what I'm assuming the author is hoping will become a female detective series.

Cate Conway lives in La Grande, Oregon and is a private investigator.  In this novel, she has been summoned to assist in a missing person's case.  With many twists and turns, Cate solves the mystery.

What first drew me to this book is a local connection.  This is a local author who I've probably met in her downtown business, and have certainly seen around.  She's been active in local government.  The setting of the book is in my town, La Grande, Oregon, and she talks of its history, setting, geography, and some local businesses.  That in and of itself made it a worthy read.  That part was fun.

Most of the story takes place over just a couple of days.  While I enjoyed Colleen's writing, I guess I found it to be sort of long on "film-noir-style " descriptions and character introspection and a little light on actual story.  It's a quick read.

If you're from here, or from the Pacific Northwest, it's fun to have a book set in our part of the country.  I probably would read another...we'll see.

The book appears to be self-published and there are a very few editing issues...some typos and punctuation (quotation marks on one end of dialog and not on the other).

I give it a reluctant half a thumb up.  I think if it hadn't been for the local setting/connection, I would have found it far too lightweight.  More Nancy Drew than adult reading.  It gets off to a slow start and builds speed, but I just wanted more somehow.


  1. I read this about a year ago, and felt the same way., Fun to read about LaGrande and other parts of NE Oregon, but was disappointed in the storyline, just not enough story and character development. I may read others if and when they come out.

  2. I was thinking it was you who said you had read it. I wonder if, because it was a first, she spent too much time trying to set up the scene and Cate? It needed more of the action woven evenly. Yeah, I would read another...mostly because of it being La Grande...and see what develops.